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Super Bowl Monday Hangover Help

Until they move the Super Bowl to a Saturday, most of us have to find ways to survive the dreaded Monday after at work...as if Monday's aren't terrible enough. I can't promise a cure, I don't know how hard you're going and these suggestions only do so much, BUT you can at least try to make your Monday a little better. And keep these tips in your back pocket for other occasions too.

Nutrition and health are super important to me, but I also like to have a good time and throw back some drinks... I don't bounce back the way I used to so I started to figure out ways to help with recovery. Here's what has worked for me (and a number of friends who have been force fed supplements when we hang out).

Quick facts-

Hangovers: It isn't the alcohol (ethanol) itself that's making you feel shitty, it's what your body does to it when it breaks it down. We metabolize ethanol (not so toxic) into acetaldehyde (30x more toxic) until its broken down into less toxic acetate. Think of an assembly line, it runs smoothly when the input is moderate but once those drinks start flowing faster, that middle step starts to get backed up- acetaldehyde builds up faster than we can break it down in our liver. SO, let's ramp up that liver function to keep up with our festivities.

Glutathione- Anti-oxidant and toxin vacuum cleaner. Neutralizes that nasty acetaldehyde and helps with that backed up assembly line so your liver can handle the You can take glutathione supplement, a precursor that will build glutathione, like N-acetylcysteine (NAC), or both to be safe. I pop one before drinking, and one when I get home.

Activated Charcoal- Soak up what's left with some activated charcoal right before bed. Take 2-3 pills with a solid glass of water.

B Vitamins- Alcohol is a diuretic, as we've all experienced with the bar bathroom lines wait that grows as the night goes on. B vitamins are water soluble. You lose them with all those bathroom trips, so replenish before bed.


You might already know but I'll tell you again.

Drink Water.

Easiest way is hydrating more during the day. If you can squeeze in some extra H2O while you're drinking, that's awesome too but realistically, juggling a glass of water and a drink at a crowded bar isn't likely. And we all know which one usually wins. Try to at least chug a big glass with your supplements, and drink a full glass before the booze.

Pick your drinks wisely.

Again, easier said than done, sometimes we don't have much of a choice. Ideally, avoid sugar as much as possible, especially sodas with High Fructose Corn Syrup because the fructose gets digested in the liver and that organ already has enough work to do. Stick to cleaner drinks, like vodka soda, or other clear liquors, and if you need the sweet mixer, Zevia makes great stevia sweetened sodas like tonic water & ginger beer.

Good luck friends, let me know how you're feeling on Monday and have fun this weekend!

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