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My Coaching Approach

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

I want to share some insight into my approach to coaching and give you an idea of what you can expect as a client. I’ve broken it down into a few key fundamentals that I follow but overall, your coaching will be unique and tailored to you. You might read this and find it resonates with you, maybe you’re curious about working together and want to learn more- that’s great! Or, you might not vibe with my approach- totally cool too! I truly believe that coaching is a mutual fit, read on to learn more…

My Key Fundamentals

  1. Bio-individuality. My coaching program with you will be unique to you. I don’t follow a template or an outline, because it’s not one-size-fits all. We’re all different, with our own goals and needs, so each approach deserves to be different, too. It’s also important to acknowledge that what works now may not be what worked a year ago, or what will work in the future. We’ll set your individualized goals, take time to assess what is working, reassess what might not be, and make adjustments as needed along the way.

  2. Ditch Restriction. I really want to emphasize inclusion over restriction! (I want to add a million exclamation points here!) The definition of the word 'diet' is 1. The kinds of foods we habitually eat, and 2. a special course of food to which one restricts oneself. Let's stick to the first, forget the second. We get so hung up on can’t, shouldn’t, avoid- I want to help you to ditch the exclusion mentality. Instead, let’s shift our focus to including more good, nutritious options, and in turn naturally crowding out less healthy foods. This applies off the plate as well- the more joyful and positive experiences we include in our lives, the less room we leave for things that don’t serve us. I’m a firm believer that what we focus on, we create more of, so let’s keep our focus on adding in the good.

  3. The Outlier Rule. If we hold ourselves to an overly rigid standard, we’re bound to go a little crazy. While achieving your goals is at the forefront, it’s important to be flexible, too. Lifestyle changes are not all or nothing, so treat yourself to an off-track night, day, even weekend. We’ll work together to make sure you get right back on track, allowing these moments to be like an outlier on a graph, off the main trajectory of your progress. The more points we plot in the right direction, the stronger the overall trend becomes and the less significance these outliers hold.

  4. Progress over Perfection. Too often, we strive for perfection (which is impossible, we’re human!), fall short of unattainable goals, and end up feeling discouraged and deflated. The result- goals abandoned. Or, just the idea of perfection intimidates us, and we end up settling for procrastination instead. Both options are not ideal. Incremental goals are so much more likely to stick, and I want to help you create sustainable, positive changes. Even a marathon is run step by step.

My goal is to empower, encourage, and support you. I want you to learn to be in tune with your body and your individual needs. I won’t hover and command, so if you’re looking for a bootcamp coach, I’m not your girl. What I promise to be is a knowledgeable resource, an accountability partner by your side, supporting you in becoming the best you you can be. If you’re curious about learning more or are ready to get started, shoot me an email: gab@kitchenrx.online. Feel free to leave comments or questions below as well!

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