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Fatty Bulletproof-ish Coffee Variations

I usually turn to a bulletproof style coffee when I want something light for breakfast to keep me full until lunch. That means butter, MCT oil, and occasionally collagen, but since I like to switch things up, I've listed some variations (that aren't technically bulletproof) but serve as a high fat, protein optional breakfast, and gives you some options to switch up the flavors. The egg addition is a new a discovery and before you call me crazy... give it a try because it is DELICIOUS! It makes your coffee taste like the creamiest, frothiest vanilla latte (when you add vanilla collagen). Let me know what you try!

General recipe I follow:

· 1 tbsp saturated fat (butter, ghee, coconut oil) – this is the slow burning fuel to keep you full (like carbs, a more complex fat takes more time to burn)

· 1 tsp- 1 tbsp MCT oil - careful with this and start with small doses... not kidding that “disaster pants” is a term - this is like your quick, easy to burn fuel- different metabolism allows your body to use it faster

· 8-12 oz coffee


· Collagen protein/ other protein powder (Ancient Nutrition Vanilla is delicious)

· a raw, pasture-raised egg (blend with vanilla protein powder- it is SO good!)

Add-ins for flavor:

· Vanilla extract

· Maple extract (not syrup, you can find it where the vanilla is in grocery stores)

· Cacao powder

· Cinnamon

My favorite Superfood add-ins:

· Turmeric - reduces inflammation, great for workout recovery

· Cordyceps - I love this mushroom and truly find it gives me an energy boost! It is particularly helpful before a workout for energy, or after a tough workout, if you're feeling depleted. It helps with ATP regeneration- the energy molecule that all our cells need to run.

· Reishi - a calming mushroom that helps with stress (no drowsiness). If coffee makes you shaky, or you have a stressful day ahead it's a great one to add!

· Maca - can help increase energy (and libido, heyoo) somewhat strong taste so I only add this when I use a vanilla flavored collagen, or a vanilla protein powder

Other tweaks you can make:

· Swap coffee out with matcha – lower caffeine, antioxidant, and contains calming L-theanine for less of that caffeine jitter, also good for a stressful day ahead

· Swap coffee out with Mut/Wtr (includes some amazing power mushrooms, turmeric, and cacao)- get $10 off your first order

· Trade collagen protein for vanilla or chocolate protein for a different taste- make sure there is no sugar in the protein

· Switch up your fats- coconut cream as your sat. fat is so delicious, or as a treat if you have no lactose intolerance issues, heavy cream is super tasty (heavy cream is all fat, half and half is not)

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