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Creamy Garlic Sauce

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

I used this as a base for a white mushroom pizza, and it was unbelievably simple and delicious! Since I watch my blood sugar levels and therefore my carb intake, I used Outer Aisle parmesan cauliflower pizza crusts; you can find these in the refrigerated section near tortillas. They're a staple in my fridge since I discovered and I HIGHLY recommend checking them out, carb conscious or not. I'll post the recipe for the pizza separately :).

This sauce would be delicious on pasta too! For low carb “pasta”: if I’m not using zucchini noodles, I like Explore Cuisine edamame pasta. Sometimes I do a 50/50 mix of zoodles and noodles. Even if you’re not keto or low carb, try one of these alternatives out, or even try Banza for a gluten free, higher protein option.


  • 1 tablespoon butter

  • 5 cloves of garlic- peeled & crushed

  • 2 shallots- sliced thinly

  • ¼ cup grated parmesan

  • 3 tablespoons heavy cream (more on reserve to adjust thickness)

  1. Over medium low/low heat, melt your butter in a small deep skillet. Add your shallots and garlic.

  2. Cook low and slow, occasionally stirring, for about 15 minutes or until the garlic and shallot are a caramelized light golden brown. Stir in the parmesan and cream, cooking for 2 minutes to thicken slightly. (Adjust to desired thickness by adding more cream if you'd like.)

  3. Season to taste with fresh ground pepper and salt (parmesan cheese is salty so you may only need pepper). Enjoy and let me know how you used the sauce!!

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